Get Prepared.

If you're heading out of the country this Summer, lucky you. You'll be preparing the tickets and passports, the packing of clothes and essentials, the last minute emails and the 'out of office' but have you prepared your skin?

Possibly one of the most overlooked and yet most important parts about planning for your holiday is planning for the sun exposure that you will likely encounter. If your skin hasn't seen sun this year and you head out to warmer climates for long periods of exposure to the sun, you run the serious risk of burning and damaging your skin.

At Consol, we believe in building a tan up gradually and responsibly with tailored short sunbed sessions to achieve deep and dark colour with absolutely no burning. This can also prepare your skin for the outside sun and the more melanin you have present, (the brown pigment we know as a tan), the more you are protected from over exposure. Unlike sunbed sessions, the sun is not for a limited time period with 0.3 safe tubes so please take care on your holidays this year and remember, preparation is key.

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