For the past 7 years, despite incurring substantially higher costs, Consol have not made a single price increase on the standard minute price to their customers.

Additionally, they have opened new studios, introduced a multi-million-pound upgrade to their existing shops including brand new sunbeds and launched a comprehensive customer interface.

They have also created many jobs and pay all staff above the National Living Wage.

It is extremely important to them to be able to consistently deliver the highest quality sunbeds and tubes on the market for the signature Consol tan they are known for. To do this, they use only the best state of the art German engineered equipment and tubes especially optimised for their beds.

Quality will not be a compromise for them or their customers and they strive to strike the balance between trusted, high quality tanning results and excellent value.

To reflect the inflation they’ve incurred, there will be a minor price increase to the price per minute from September 1st 2017. The price of top up offers has remained the same but as an incentive for topping up, Consol have increased the amount of free credit awarded.

Customers can take advantage of top up offers in every single studio and online to offer them the best tanning experience at the very best prices.


For further information on top up offers, please visit and see the top up section