Reopening Information


Following the Covid-19 pandemic, it is imperative we change the way we operate to ensure the safety of our customers and team members.

It is natural we'll be asked many questions about how we will open and if it is safe to use the studio, the benefits of tanning during a pandemic and what procedures we have in place. Below, we have outlined the answers to some potential questions you may have ahead of the reopening.


UV for Health


  • Research has shown that high Vitamin D levels in the body boost the immune system and can be beneficial to combat Covid-19.
  • The body produces Vitamin D when exposed to UV light. UV light is also the best source of Vitamin D on the planet.
  • Consol sunbeds and tube technology provide UV for both Vitamin D production and tanning results. When the body produces the brown pigment melanin, also known as a tan, Vitamin D has also been made.
  • In addition to physical health, Vitamin D and sensible exposure to UV light has also proven to be beneficial for mental health and well-being.


COVID-19 Prevention (Action taken in each studio)


  • Following Government guidelines, a COVID-19 risk assessment has been specifically created to evaluate the various potential risks for customers and staff within our studios
  • Only Customers using our tanning facilities will be permitted into our studios and we ask that if you or anyone you live with displays symptoms of Covid-19 that you respectfully, do not visit the studio until you have followed and completed the isolation period as outlined by the Government
  • We will display clear COVID-19 guidelines and operating requirements for customers and staff in each studio, cabin and staff room
  • For each studio we have evaluated the reception space and set a maximum number of customers allowed to wait inside the studio
  • Social distancing floor stickers will be used to ensure the correct distance is maintained between customers whilst in the reception area
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are installed in the reception area with instructions to all customers to use when entering and leaving the studio
  • Every customer will see an automated COVID-19 message when signing into their accounts regarding the cleaning of sunbeds
  • COVID-19 cleaning and customer interaction guidelines will be displayed in each staff room
  • All customers to be advised to only use Contactless payment
  • A new contactless member signup solution is in place to avoid any close customer and staff contact and touching screens
  • We are using a sunbed cleaning solution that is certified to kill COVID-19
  • Customers will be advised to use our new contactless payment and kiosk login solution
  • Staff will undertake extra cleaning measures for all contact surfaces including the regular cleaning of handles and doors
  • Our air extraction facility will be switched on for every sunbed to ensure there is no air flow between cabins. Air will be powerfully extracted from each cabin, directly from the sunbed and out through the vents in the ceiling


Self-Service / Unmanned Studio Benefits

Consol will continue to operate on a on a partially staffed, self-service basis with no appointment necessary. Below we have highlighted the benefits to operating in this style for your peace of mind.

  • The direct contact between customers and staff is minimised or eliminated and reduces the overall number of people in the studio
  • Self Service allows customers to use the studio without human interaction and in their own time
  • Providing effective cleaning solutions and allowing customers to clean the sunbed themselves, ensures a sunbed cleaned to their satisfaction and peace of mind
  • All studios are designed for easy cleaning and with easily accessible surfaces
  • Our systems have been designed to eliminate the need for human interaction. Becoming a member, seeking live help and advice and topping up can all be accessed remotely
  • Our new mobile facility allows touch free login and payment without staff interaction


Consol Tanning Studios are inherently set up to operate to the highest hygiene standards and with minimal contact between customers and staff. The main and extremely effective action to avoid contact with possible Covid-19 in our studios is to use our hand sanitiser and antibacterial spray before and after your session. With all our additional COVID-19 preparations we assess that using Consol sunbeds following our guidelines is safe.