Winter Sun - More than just a tan.

Back by popular demand, we have reintroduced a special type of tanning tube to our sunbeds that enhances Vitamin D production this Winter.

The exciting new specialised Winter Sun yellow tubes have been especially designed to provide intensive Vitamin D boosts to every session and will sit alongside the existing UV blue tanning tubes in all lay down sunbeds. The addition comes at no extra cost and is part of our commitment to increasing awareness about responsible tanning and the importance of controlled exposure from UV light.

It’s common knowledge that Vitamin D is essential to health and well being. Without sufficient levels, we are more likely to be prone to ill health, disease and depression and a growing number of studies now point the finger at Vitamin D deficiency for causing cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, cancers and osteoporosis. Being a hormone and in fact not a Vitamin, the main way for the body to produce enough Vitamin D for most of us, is for the skin to be exposed to the sun, without sunscreen for 10-15 minutes every day. What many of us are unaware of, is the UK sun is not strong enough for us to be able to make Vitamin D between the months of October and March. Combined with our culture of long working hours, more time indoors and the outdated advice encouraging the over use of SPFs, it is estimated a staggering 40% of the world’s population now has low levels of Vitamin D.

The public health advice for the UK is at least 10 mcg of Vitamin D every single day to stay healthy but if sunlight is avoided, not accessible for 10 -15 minutes a day or too weak to convert to the hormone in the body, then it is imperative we seek an alternative method. Whilst many health professionals suggest diet is sufficient to ensuring our levels don’t drop dangerously low, the quantities that would need to be consumed to meet the recommendation are highly unrealistic. Furthermore, the likelihood of developing dietary related illnesses such as cholesterol are greatly increased when the figures add up to consuming 20 eggs or 2kg of beef every day to obtain sufficient amounts of Vitamin D in the body using diet alone.

Here at Consol, we know that controlled UV exposure is vital for health and wellbeing especially during the winter months. Your health isn’t fooled by fake tan and it is the UV exposure you need firstly with the inevitable tan being for many, a welcome side effect. Our beds are designed to activate melanin production and produce great tanning results without the risk of overexposure and burning. All of our sunbeds are lowered to the safe limit of 0.3 which has been likened to sunbathing in the Mediterranean sun at midday and If the correct number of minutes are taken for your skin type, you will only achieve great, natural tanning results.

Whilst many customers visit for a tan, it is becoming increasingly apparent that many are visiting regularly to keep on top of their Vitamin D levels especially since advice on UV exposure has changed, informing us we do need 10-15 minutes a day without SPF and more so due to the frightening number of deficiency statistics.

This winter, we have installed specialist Winter Sun yellow tubes into all of our lay down sunbeds that are designed specifically for Vitamin D production. Under the campaign name Winter Sun, it is our intention to create awareness about Vitamin D deficiency especially during winter and to let the public know, UV exposure is so much more important than a tan.



One must maintain a little bit of Summer even in the middle of Winter.
Henry David Thoreau