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Packed full of pharmaceutical grade skin care ingredients, this Aloe Based Accelerator is our most premium product and will help you to tan deeper and darker than ever before whilst leaving your skin silky soft, quenched and smelling delicious. The ingredients are so good in fact that this product can be used as a luxurious moisturiser for face and body and thanks to the indulgent oils, you can even use it on the ends of your hair to keep them conditioned to perfection. HOT is suitable for indoor and outdoor use but please layer with an SPF if using outdoors for times longer than your Consol session. 


This product is a handbag essential, a holiday essential and right at the top of our beauty wish list. The bottle is a beautiful mirrored gold and as with many Australian Gold products, has the incredible signature CocoDreams fragrance. At just £25 a bottle for a limited time only, we guarantee it's the cheapest you'll find it anywhere and of course, buying through Consol, you can guarantee top, quality, authentic products straight from our Australian Gold supplier.


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