The newest and darkest addition to the HOT! Family has arrived at Consol.


Take bronzing to the next level with a powerful combination of Natural Bronzers, DHA and DermaDark and Sincere Skincare Blend it's HOT! Black.


• The unique Black bronzer blend combines moisturisers with Caramel, Black Walnut and Melanin, as well as a generous dose of DHA. Together these ingredients provide an instant sunkiss, with deeper, developed even colour that lasts for days


• DermaDark has also been added to encourage deeper, natural colour development well after your tanning session


• Sincere Skincare combines Arugula, Mangosteen, Velvet Bean and Quercetin for deep hydration. What's more, these work to stimulate melanogenises, maximising melanin production. These also provide skin with rich antioxidants, for a strong tanning canvas


• The industry exclusive ActivAloe base provides tanners with 200x concentrated pharmaceutical and food grade Aloe. This works to heal, soothe and alleviate dry skin, for longer-lasting, even results


• This also contains an upgraded Biosine Complex to soften and hydrate for maximum tanning results


• FadeDefy technology harnesses Kakadu Plum - the world's richest source of vitamin C. This is combined with Shea Butter to moisturise and thus extend the life of your tan


• Tea Tree Oil has natural, odour-fighting properties and works to combat After Tanning Odours


• Classic CocoaDreams fragrance