Fearless just upped your tanning game.

Summer is well on the way and we have a STUNNING brand new product available from our celebrity JWOWW collection to super charge your tanning results.

Available now as a sample sachet or full sized tube (£26) from our vending machines, this powerful intensifier is set to be your summer time essential for guaranteed deep, dark and long lasting results.

Similar to the ever popular and outstanding quality of its sister product Relentless, Fearless also contains a unique blend of high quality ingredients to ensure rapid and undeniably awesome tanning and skin care results.

You'll get perfectly hydrated colour with its luxurious White Hemp Seed Oil and thanks to the generous dose of Caffeine, Fearless is also going to give you toned, even skin with an airbrush appearance. (Can we get an Hallelujah) 

You'll also get the signature Ink Drink complex classic of all of JWOWW's collection to ensure your tattoos are restored and rejuvenated after UV exposure thanks to the beautiful blend of Shea Butter, Vitamins A and E, Bees wax and raspberry.

This intensifier will accelerate and maximise your tanning results, protect your tattoos and deliver incredible skincare in one powerful application.