Free JWOWW One and Done

This cream is EVERYTHING. No, we are serious. It really is everything, hence the title, One and Done. Brought to you from tanning connoisseur, brand ambassador and Jersey Shore's TV reality star Jenny Farley, JWOWW One and Done packs a lot of bang for your buck and here's why:

  • It contains Tyrosine - A powerful ingredient that actually helps to promote melanin production in the body.
  • The sought after Ink-Drink Complex contains Shea Butter, Vitamins A and E, Raspberry and Bees Wax to give tattoos a healthy gulp of rejuvenation and restoration.
  • A signature signature blend with a yogurt base infused with pear and blackcurrant oil for beautiful and visibly soft skin.
  • A 400ml bottle to last you for ages!

One last thing, this product is designed to smell the same when you apply it as when you come of the sunbed so you avoid the strange smell you get after tanning when the sun oxidizes the lipids (oils) in the skin. This is so common with many tanning products but JWOWW One and Done was designed especially to combat this and so you'll come out smelling of roses. Well, Midnight Pear to be exact but it doesn't have the same ring to it.

The bottle is just beautiful and one of the biggest available so it'll last you many tanning sessions. It can also be used after tanning as moisturizer and daily as an extender. If you like the sound of one stunning product that you can count on for great quality and results, One and Done Intensifier is your winner.

If you want to try a sample sachet of this product and see how you'll love it before you commit to a full size, we have an amazing offer for you. Available from the kiosk whilst stocks last we have 'Top up £20 and get a free sachet of JWOWW One and Done.' 


Available in your local studio only.