This is HOT.

Our most advanced lotion to date is now available to purchase from the vending machines. We are so excited to offer Australian Gold's HOT! as part of our carefully selected range of tanning products and as our most premium offering, there's some pretty big reasons it's the top of its game.

Firstly, contrary to the name, this is not a Tingle cream and does not heat up on your skin in any way. HOT! Maximum Tanning Energy combines the highest quality native and Omega oils to accelerate the the natural pigmentation process and herbal extracts and Aloe Vera to keep your skin incredibly hydrated resulting in a deeper, darker and longer lasting tan.

Key ingredients include Macadamia, KuKui, Olive and Tea Tree Oil to condition the skin and Vitamins A, E C and F help to provide a younger looking complexion.  Rich in antioxidants, Liposomes and Amino Acids and with outstanding skincare properties, this luxurious Maximum Tanning Energy Accelerator sinks into the skin in seconds and has the beautiful, classic CocoDreams fragrance.



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