At Consol, we are pleased to tell you that every single sunbed in every single shop operates to the safe limit of 0.3.


This may sound great but what does it actually mean?

There is a new regulation governing the maximum UV output of sunbeds.  This is generally referred to as 0.3 and is approved by the EU and complies with all British and European consumer safety regulations.

A 0.3 tanning session delivers the same tanning effect as the mid-day Mediterranean summer sun but without the risk of burning. 0.3 tanning allows you to tan deeper and darker by slowly building up the melanin.

0.3W/m2 is the amount of UV exposure that the EU’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP) set as the limit for effective irradiance.  This limit was then added to the European and British standards relevant for sunbeds.  A sunbed with a UV output above this level is deemed as ‘unsafe’. 

What you can expect from a 0.3 tanning session:

  • Your tan will be deeper and longer-lasting
  • The tanning process is kinder to your skin
  • The risk of over-exposure or burning is effectively eliminated