Ergoline Prestige 1200

The Prestige 1200 provides outstanding comfort and unrivalled tanning performance. Enjoy an impressive LED lightshow, incredible comfort and UV intelligent performance to ensure the UV lamps are perfectly balanced to produce an all-round even tan, which is up to 30% more intense.

Ergoline Prestige 1000

The Ergoline Prestige 1000 offers optimum tanning performance, an impressive LED light show, superb comfort and an even fast tan.

Ergoline Esprit 770

The Ergoline Espirit 770 is fitted with 52 powerful full body tubes, 4 turbo face tanners and 2 shoulder tanners for guaranteed fast and long lasting tanning results every time.

Ergoline Sunrise 488

The Ergoline Sunrise 488 features 48 dynamic lamps to ensure a consistent tanning performance throughout the session. In addition, this model is fitted with a Vibra Shape to allow customers to train their physical fitness. The rhythmic vibrations of the Vibra Shape plate have numerous positive effects on health and the improved supply of nutrients to the skin also enhances the tanning effect.

Megasun Alpha 7900

With a high specification and personal customization being at the heart of this tanning experience, the Alpha 7900 allows users to tailor the UV spectrum from basic, to Caribbean to Mediterranean providing a unique and exclusive tanning experience. With an impressive 56 lamps in total, this extraordinary model is also fitted with p2 Pigment tubes, which combined with conventional technology achieve perfect and skin-protective tanning results as well as stimulating the production of Vitamin D3.

Ergoline Excellence 700

A firm favourite with Consol customers, the beautifully engineered, comfortable and cool air conditioned cabin of the Excellence 700 houses an impressive total of 51 optimized powerful lamps with additional neck and shoulder tanners to build an evenly balanced and beautifully rounded tan, every single time.

MegaSun Optima Tower

High performance tanning with revolutionary skincare to provide an unique and rejuvenating experience. The Tower Optima features 48 high powered tanning tubes and 100 high performance rubie LEDs in the upper body area to induce collagen production and skin moistening leading to a better tan. In addition, the Tower Optima is combined with VibraNano, a vibration training programme.

Megasun Space 2000

Featuring 50 high powered tubes for optimum tanning performance and with the additional bonus of Vibra Nano, the MegaSun Space 2000 stand up sunbed offers comfort, style and a beautifully even tan.

Megasun Tower T200

An innovative stand up tanning sunbed combining intelligent UV technology and revolutionary Vibra Nano plate toning for a well-rounded experience. Featuring 52 High pressured tanning lamps to ensure extra power for an exceptional, extra even, extra intensive tan.

Luxura V6

The Luxura V6 sunbed offers 48 ultra-intensive, high powered tubes to provide a vertical tanning experience that is comfortable, spacious and guaranteed to deliver beautiful results.