An unrivaled experience.


If you're looking for the best possible tanning experience, you've come to the right place because here at Consol, we are experts in our field. We combine the best and latest German engineered sunbed technology from world renowned supplier Ergoline and install our very own specialist tubes to ensure you achieve the highest quality tanning results, every time.

Additionally, all of our beds run at the safe limit of 0.3 to ensure deep, dark tanning without the risk of overexposure and burning. Our state of the art sign up facilities enable maximum convenience by allowing a no appointment necessary experience and the ability to tan 7 days a week, from early until late, simply by signing in with the finger reader.

Your credit is safely stored on your account so there's no need to carry cash and once you are a member at one Consol studio, you are a member of all. Just visit any studio and sign in as usual. We've been experts in tanning since 1996 and now have over 40 studios nationwide so if you're new to tanning or wondering what the Consol difference is, come and try us and see for yourself. 

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