How old do I have to be to tan?
By law, you must be 18 years or older to use UV tanning equipment.

What is tanning?
Tanning is a natural process whereby the skin produces a dark coloured pigment called melanin after it has been exposed to UV light.

Can I tan?
Most of us can achieve a tan safely and responsibly without the risk of burning when exposed to UV light from both sunbeds and in natural sunlight.

What should I wear to tan?
Some people choose to wear swimwear or underwear but because of the privacy of your own private cabin at Consol, most tan nude to avoid tan lines.

Do I need to use an SPF?
Because you are taking a controlled session according to your skin type, you do not need to use a sun protection factor cream. Using one during your session will inhibit your results.

What are tanning accelerators?
Tanning accelerators speed up the tanning process by maximising the amount of UV light your skin can absorb in the session. They also add the nutrients your skin needs to produce melanin, the brown pigment we know as a tan. All of the accelerators in our vending machines are approved, top salon quality products to help you to achieve your goals. Some accelerators also contain small amounts of bronzer to give you a natural glow whilst your tan develops.

Is indoor tanning as effective as outdoor tanning?
Yes, in fact, because you are in a controlled environment, indoor tanning lets you personalise your exposure times according to your skin type giving you great tanning results without the risk of burning.

Why is Consol different?
At Consol, our beds are lowered to the safe limit of 0.3, which has been likened to sunbathing in the Mediterranean at midday. This achieves a deeper, darker and longer lasting tan without the risk of burning.

How long will it take before I see results?
To build a great looking tan, you must start off with a few sessions a week according to your skin type. Everyone will see results at a different pace but you should start to see colour after your first couple of sessions building quickly after your first 4 or 5. Once you have achieved the tan you desire, taking a session up once or twice a week will keep your tan topped up perfectly.

How do I keep my tan?
Moisturising and taking regular tanning sessions with an accelerator will ensure your results do not fade. Also ensuring you drink plenty of water will ensure you are hydrated and skin is in great condition.

How much time should I leave between tanning sessions?
The FDA requires 24 hours between tanning sessions but at Consol, we recommend leaving 48 hours between sessions where time allows. Our systems will not allow you to take more than one session a day.

Do I have to wear eye protection?
It is extremely important you wear UV eye protection during every tanning session to protect your eyes from the rays. at Consol, we sell reusable goggles in all vending machines so you only need to purchase them once.

How long should I tan for?
in order to achieve your goals responsibly, it is important to understand your skin type and adjust your session times accordingly, building up your minutes, once a tan has been achieved. 

How do I control the sunbed?
Our sunbeds are incredibly easy to use and will start automatically 2.5 minutes after payment has been made. There is no need to press start or stop unless you wish to immediately stop the bed before the end of the session. Inside the sunbed, you will see an easy to use control panel to adjust the ventilation, facial tanners, music and volume.

What if I need longer to get ready?
We have options for extra undress time and maximum extra undress time on the kiosk to select before you make payment. these options are free and give up to 3.5 minutes before the session starts to allow for applying products and preparing.

Do I shut the lid entirely?
Yes, pull it down as far as it will go to get even coverage from the tubes on the top and the bottom. There will always still be a gap and you cannot get stuck inside (despite THAT Final Destination film!) At any time, you can easily push it upwards.

Should I lay still or move around?
At Consol, our beds are large enough to move around and we encourage you to do so to get a more even tan as you would sunbathing outside.

Can I listen to my own music?
Yes, all sunbeds are fitted with aux cables to plug in your phone or MP3 player or you can relax and listen to the studio music through the sunbed speakers.

How do I become a member?
Becoming a member is free, quick and easy. All you need to do is download the Consol tanning app to your mobile to set up an account. Our studios are staffed part time so if during your visit a member of staff is present, they will assist you with the sign up process. 

What do I need to bring to sign up?
By law, you must be 18 years or over to use our UV tanning facilities. Please bring a photo driving licence or passport to prove you are of the correct age.

What if I need help outside of staffing hours?
We have a fully staffed helpline team on hand 7 days a week from 7am until 10pm to assist with anything you might need. they have full control over all the shop functions and are free to call from a mobile on 08000 88 60 90. Alternatively, you can call them via the sign up screen by selecting ‘already a member.’

How do I use the facilities?
Once you are a member, you will have been set up with your own personal finger touch entry. this will allow you to log into your account at any of our studios and access the facilities.

How do I pay?
Consol is now cashless; you can pay via card or purchase one of our added-value top-up offers where the credits will be stored on your account until you choose to use them.